Nedra Jack October 19, 2017

The days of a dentist simply being there to pull out a tooth are long gone. Today many modern dentists look at more than just what is happening in your mouth. They look at the big picture of your entire health. This is because so much of what we experience as good or bad health can often start in our mouth.

When a dentist looks beyond just cleaning and filling your teeth, it is often called a holistic approach to dental health. In fact, some dentist will work together to give their patients a full holistic treatment. You can find them in places like a holistic dental center such as Nashville Restorative Dentistry in Tennessee. So, what makes them holistic? There are a number of ways.

Considering the Big Health Picture

While most dentists will take a look for things like tongue cancer when they start your treatment, holistic dentists go beyond this. They are big believers that the health of your entire body is part of their care of your mouth and teeth. Because having poor health can lead to poor teeth, they want to help you stay healthier so that your teeth can be healthy and strong as well. This means that things like chronic fatigue, problems with your sinuses and other health issues can be addressed by a holistic dentist, often in cooperation with a doctor who also has a holistic approach to your health.

Fluoride, Amalgam and Other Toxins

One of the major differences between traditional dentists and holistic dentists is that they frequently will not use these two substances as part of the care of your teeth. There was a time when every dentist used fluoride as part of their treatment program. They thought it could help to cut down on cavities.

Today many believe fluoride can cause a host of problems including cancer and dementia. The truth is, we need more testing and until then most dentists who follow a holistic approach will not advocate for it. The same goes for fillings made of amalgam. It contains a high amount of mercury, which is a dangerous toxin.

Keeping it Natural

While you may debate just what this word means when it comes to dentistry, it does have an impact. More and more dentists have come to understand that many modern dental practices have been introducing toxic substances as part of the treatment.

But since the mouth is a main avenue for toxins to enter out bloodstream, holistic dentists will match the best solution to your body. By using biocompatible materials, they can help to reduce the impact these treatments may have on the rest of our body and our health.

Leaving out X-Rays and Leaving in Wisdom Teeth

We have begun to understand just how often dentists and doctors will take x-rays and how harmful this accumulated exposure can be for our health. You will find that most holistic dentists and doctors will limit the amount of x-ray exposure. In addition, the routine removal of wisdom teeth is now being questioned by many dentists, including holistic dentists.

Unless your wisdom teeth are causing actual pain or problems, there is no reason to remove them. These two practices have had a huge impact on our overall health, and holistic dentists are well aware of them. As you can see, on the whole most holistic dentists are simply learning from past experiences that just because it is part of a modern practice doesn’t mean it should be part of your treatment.