Nedra Jack October 12, 2017

If you wonder why you should consume Anavar 50, you have stopped by the right place. We will give you the basic idea of the drug and you will know why you need it. The brand name of Anavar comes from the British Dragon and the chemical name of the drug is Oxandrolone. The drug helps you cut down on fat and builds a better body. The drug is known for the ability to increase strength and is mild in terms of androgenic properties. It is less toxic to the liver compared to most steroids, and that is why it has more users.

Usage of Anavar pills

The drug Anavar is an oral steroid that helps you significantly increase strength. It doesn’t make a great bulking steroid but works well for power-lifters and other athletes that need strength gain. The drug comes with an average of 50 mg dosages that works better than many steroids you might think of choosing. The best thing about the drug is that it comes with least side effects compared to most drugs in the market.

Some people think that Anavar doesn’t leave an impact on the testosterone levels of our body, but this is not true. When you use synthetic hormones, the natural level of testosterone gets inhibited. The drug is also effective and mild, and people have used it for ages to get lean muscle mass. It is true that the drug is not strong to imbalance the entire level of testosterone in your body, but when you use it in high doses or with other drugs, it can leave a bad impact.

Things you must know about Anavar

The drug Anavar is a gentle androgenic 17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid and comes with mild toxicity levels. Both men and women are frequent with its usage as it helps produce protein synthesis. The drug is also low in the number of side effects compared to other drugs, so men and women both give this priority. The drug is commonly used for increasing strength and muscle definition.

The International Journal of Obesity had published about Anavar and explained how the British Dragon Oxandrolone helps reduce visceral and abdominal body fat. It then had a greater demand in the market and people were more aware of what Anavar is. The brand name of the drug comes from Oxandrolone steroid and was produced at Searle in 1964. Only a certain type of Anavar is produced and sold every year. So there are limited Anavar drugs available in the market at all times.

The drug Anavar is an oral steroid and men tend to consume 2 tablets of the drug every day. It is easily absorbed into the body when consumed with meals. Women are sensitive to steroids and they tend to consume one tablet twice a day by breaking it into two. Make sure you abide by the right dosages so that there are no adverse effects coming your way.