Nedra Jack June 25, 2018

The hair transplant procedure is always being a top consideration in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery industry that requires an extreme precision and perfection towards meeting the aesthetic goal of the procedure. Nowadays, India ranked as a top destination in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery industry. The hair transplant in Delhi offers you the best treatment plan at a lower cost option that attracts both the national and international patients. Most of the patient from foreign countries, especially from the USA, UK, UAE, and Europe are giving interest in receiving the procedure in India.

The attraction of medical tourism in India is due to the fact of the location importance that a capital deserves and lies in their historical and cultural beauty. The dual benefits of the surgery with the advantage of getting the best restoration surgery performed by the best surgeons of the hair transplant procedure are all possible in the capital, Delhi.

Why Capital, Delhi is the best decision to get the Hair Transplant Procedure in India is best Answered below:

  1. The recognized Surgeon: Surgeon is the only one who is responsible for giving the natural result and thus it is necessary that a Surgeon should be well-experienced credited with a number of positive remarks in the hair transplant The surgeon must have accreditation and recognition on the reputed restoration societies, namely, the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. An expert surgeon always assures you of the best artistic touch in the procedure as he knows that where and what kind of graft should be implanted in order to fulfill the cosmetic demand of the surgery.
  2. The Cost of Hair Transplant: The cost of hair transplant applicable in Delhi generally based on the graft number. Per graft cost is very cheap and easily comes under an affordable cost option. The cost is what that is considered most while choosing any kind of service or practice. Normally, per graft cost ranges between Rs. 25-120 INR, which is around 75-80% cheaper than the cost applicable in the western world countries.
  3. The Reputed hair transplant Clinics: There are a lot of clinics in Delhi providing the hair transplant treatment facility with a number of aesthetic results satisfied thousands and thousands of national and foreign patients. People from all over the world used to come to India to join the medical tourism and get the best benefits of the services. A clinic should follow the safety and hygienic parameter if they are allowing the surgical procedure, especially the plastic and cosmetic surgeries.
  4. The Cutting-edge Technology: The adoption of cutting-edge technology in the field of hair restoration redefined the process of hair restoration and helps in achieving the desired outcomes. The hospital established in Delhi reckoned as the leading hair transplant centre that uses the advanced technology and equipment to support the procedure. The reputed clinics use the higher magnification of German microscopes of both 20X and 200X, Carl Zeiss lenses and standard UK-parameters for safety and hygienic hair transplant procedure.


The selection of destination should be based on the factors of Surgeon, Centre/clinic, cost of the procedure, used equipment and technology as well as the geographical location of the clinic that can offer you the dual benefits of the surgical decision with respect to the medical tourism advantages.