Nedra Jack September 30, 2019

The window does a vital job in every building, but we often take them for granted. But, like everything, they have a lifetime. So when will you know it’s time to replace yours? If a shutter or window frame is broken, it is evident that you have to look for a glass repair or find professionals that are specialized in replacement windows and doors installation in Milton. Here are few tips that will guide you.

The Age Of Your Home And Windows

If your home is over fifteen, it’s a good time to check your windows. Single frame glass panels are often installed in older homes, result in higher energy bills because your heat is flowing, and they are a target for burglars because they are easier to break. If you also have problems opening or closing windows, this is another visible sign. Some of these signs indicate it’s an excellent time to consider replacing your windows and, if necessary, install energy panels.

Rotting Frames

Make sure you inspect the frame and walls around each window. Apply pressure to your window frame to see how secure your windows are. Your frames should not move, and if they do, it could mean that something is loose and your windows are not correctly installed. If frames seem to rot, then both the glass panel and the frame should be replaced immediately.

Broken Hinges And Gaps In The Wall

Look for gaps in the wall that surrounds the window frame, this means your windows are not correctly adjusted as they should. Do not forget to check for loose or broken hinges. Not only will they slide your window, but they can also weaken the entire structure of the window.

Condensation, Soil And Rising Heating Bills

Check inside your window, this should always be dry. Excess moisture signals either loose glass or weakened joints between the frame and the window frame. Also, if your energy bills increase and the outside sound becomes more and more noticeable, it’s time to watch the replacement of the glass. Replacing simple windows with energy-efficient windows could save you up to 191 dollars on your annual energy bill.