Nedra Jack June 12, 2018

A vaporizer might sound like something out of a Star-Wars or sci-fi movie which is generally used in violent ways to reduce enemies to ashes. If you’re not familiar with the super popular wave of vaporizing cannabis, and you’ve been happily smoking for years, a weed vaporizer could easily sound like a very strange device. After all, vaporizing isn’t generally a word which many people hear in their daily lives. So what the hell does it mean? This article will explain to you all the basics of it.

What Is Vaporizing?

Vaporizing is quite literally turning a substance into, well, vapor. Vapor is much less harmful for your lungs than smoke is, because it doesn’t contain nearly as many carcinogens or toxins. When combusting cannabis plant matter (combusting = smoking), the plant matter itself is reduced to ash, which means that plenty of chemical reactions occur and therefore you end up inhaling trace amounts of tar and other unhealthy residues. A weed vaporizer is a device which heats herb or concentrates to a specific temperature at which THC, and other cannabinoids and terpenes, turn into vapor.

Well Why Should I Start Vaping Instead?

If you’re not all that stoked about taking better care of your lungs, there’s plenty of other advantages that come with vaping. First of all is the fact that it hardly smells compared to smoking. With most vapes, you can vape away a whole gram and the smell will only linger for about ten minutes maximum. We all know how bothersome the smokey smell of cannabis can be to people around us, so this is one way of counteracting that issue. Vaping more than smoking can also save you lots of cash since it takes way less vapor to get high than it does for smoke. Plus, after vaping a bowl, the brown vaped remains of your bowl can be consumed just like that as a quick and simple edible (I’d recommend putting it on or in something though, it can taste pretty awful).

There’s a ton more reasons for anybody at all to consider making the switch to the world of vaporizing, but we’ll just leave you with this little bit of food for thought.