Nedra Jack June 14, 2018

There are certain places in the world which are not easy to get to, but nature has adorned the place with exotic beauty. If you have a true traveler’s mind and adventurer’s heart, you can go to the place without any confusion. Exumas Islands in the Bahamas is one of such places around the world where you can go only after getting certain tips. Book vacation rentals in the Exumas and sail on. But, these cays are almost uninhabited or owned by celebrities around the world. There are certain risks of visiting such barren places as you can’t get a doctor if you feel bad suddenly. There are no regular shops from where you can buy things if needed. You have to do a lot more preparation while planning to visit the place.

But, these are not problems to the travelers, right? You are ever ready to explore new places around the world. Why not start from the Exumas Islands in the Bahamas? The Exumas Island is a little chain of Cays of the Bahamas which has 365 small islands. The Great Exuma is the largest island, located at the Northeast part while it is connected to Little Exuma with a little bridge. If you want to be here, know certain tips that will help you to have a great vacation ahead. Read on to know more-

  • It Is a Bit Tricky Place

You will get only a few flights from Georgetown to reach here. You can do one thing. As there are only a few flights, you have chances to miss them. What you can do is to reach Miami before night and take the flight to Exumas on the next day. Thus, there will be no tension of missing the flight.

  • Take Enough Time for Planning

Yes, this is one of the most important things you need to do while planning a vacation, especially for an off-beat place as Exumas. Know about the best time of visiting the area and book tickets early. Though the island is uninhabited, it gets crowded during the tourist season. You will need time to visit the place so plan early.

  • Visit Great Exuma

Once you book the flight tickets, the next important thing you need to take care is of selecting where to stay. There are many cays on this island. The best place for staying will be Great Exuma. The beaches are exotic there while you can find luxurious accommodation along with great dining spots. If you want fewer crowds, think of Staniel Cay. It is smaller than Great Exuma, but the idyllic nature will cast spell on your mind. From enjoying the boating to feeding the swimming pigs, you can shape your vacation with the most exotic things to do while staying in Staniel Cay. Besides, you can swim in the Thunderball Grotto or swim with nurse sharks while you are in Staniel Cay.

  • Weather Won’t be a Problem There

Though the Caribbean weather is famous for trade winds and sudden rain, usually you can get good weather throughout the year. If you are aiming to visit the swimming pigs (that you must do), you should avoid the weeks of trade wind as that may ruin the opportunity. Apart from that, you will get crystal clear sky and turquoise blue water to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Enjoy Exumas in Boat

The beaches are really awesome, but if you want to experience the true Exumas island, that you will find in the water. While you are here, you should at least book a boat excursion to get the real beauty of the place.

  • You can Deal with US Dollars

While you are in Exumas Island, you can use Bahamian Dollars for exchange. But, if you have a bunch of US dollars, you don’t need to convert them as those are legal currency here. You will find few banks and ATMs if you need extra cash, but it is always the best idea to have cash with you as maximum merchants here accept bigger credit cards and you may need cash to pay for taxis.

  • Groceries Are Quite Expensive

Are you planning to cook something on a special night on the island? That will cost you a lot. Actually, groceries are quite expensive here. You have to pick your groceries up from Georgetown. There are two groceries. Else, you can find a small one at Little Farmer’s Cay. Maybe, you don’t get what you want. You can pack some dry food staples to execute your plan. If you want liquor, they are readily available.

  • Avoid Too Much Fancy about Foods

In this island, you have to cope up with the casual dining style, especially from the beach shacks. Those shacks are available with conch salads, fish fries, seafood sandwiches and another Bahamian cuisine, but there is nothing too much fancy. As grocery is so expensive, the menu card obtains the limited item. The restaurants are also not that much easily available. There are few but all of them are always crowded as there are more tourists than the space in the restaurants.

These are certain things you need to know while preparing for a vacation in the Exumas. This is such a place where you can be in the proximity of nature. Plan ahead and have some great time with your partner, friends or family.