Nedra Jack February 11, 2019

Every home has some creepy crawlers living somewhere out of sight. If you have not spotted any in your home, it does not mean that you are free from them!

To ensure that there is no permanent damage to your home done by the out-of-sight pests, you need to schedule preventative local pest control. This is the only sure-fire way of guaranteeing that your home is pest-free for the long-term. However, this does not mean that there are things that you cannot do in the meantime. You can implement some preventative measures to ensure that your home is not infected by the nasty creepy crawlers of larger pests like rats and mice.

Some of the preventative measures you can take include:

  • Storing your stones, lumber, bricks and firewood away from your home. Leaving these materials near or in your home creates a habitat suitable for pests. Surely you do not want that!
  • Covering your trash or storing it in bins that are tightly closed. Keeping your trash in bins that are tightly closed will prevent pests from going into them or overturning them, spilling the trash in your compound. Keep creatures away by ensuring that there is no available food near your warm home.
  • Ensuring that your garden hoses are completely turned off. Leaking garden hoses provide a water source for pests. Ensuring that there is no spillage of water will eliminate this cheap water source and keep pests away.
  • Ensuring that any cracks, holes and openings are sealed shut. Rodents and other pests gain access into your house through cracks and openings around your house. Make sure these are completely covered.
  • Keeping bushes and trees around your home trimmed. Keeping bushes and branches on trees trimmed to ensure that they do not touch your house eliminates a roadway in for rodents and ants.
  • Ensuring that uneaten pet food is covered and well stored until it is required by your pet. Pet food has the same attraction as human food for pests. If your pet is not eating, keep the food kept in a sealed container.
  • Ensuring that you conduct routine checks around your house. It is important that you stay alert by doing a thorough check of your backyard and walls to ensure that there is no way that pests can access your house. Routinely check for any gaps on your windows, rips on your window and door screens and any cracks in your sidings and foundation. Remember that bugs access your home through the tiniest of cracks and holes.

These tips are not a substitution for the scheduled preventative pest control measures conducted by a professional pest controller. Ensure that you have a reputable pest control company that routinely ensures that there are no pests infesting your house. If you find out that there are pests in your home in one of your routine checks, do not attempt to eradicate them yourself. Remember that each type of pest requires a proven method of eradication that is safe for you and your pests and home in general.