Nedra Jack November 13, 2018

In the world of globalization, one person from one specific country is connected to some other person in another country via many means. People share information, technologies, new inventions and founding, new methods to work efficiently and smartly which is bringing the whole world under one nation. And it won’t be long enough when people will be sharing culture, opinions and what not. But how are we going to communicate with each other when there are so many different languages? And how to ensure which language is going to be the world language?

   For analyzing which language has the potential to be a world language, we need to know about the current most spoken languages.

  1. Mandarin, official language of China, is the most spoken language of the world. With more than 1 billion native speakers and 200 million non-native speakers, Mandarin is spoken by almost 70% of Chinese population.
  2. English is on the second place in the list of the most spoken language. Nearly 1 billion people around the globe speak this language. It ranks at number 1 in terms of most non-native speakers with a huge number of 600 million non-native speakers.
  3. Spanish, official language of more than 25 countries including Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay etc., is the third most spoken language in the world. Almost 550 million people around the globe speak Spanish with ranking this language at number 4 in terms of non-native speakers. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States.

         With Mandarin being most spoken language and English being the most non-natively speaking language, why do you need to have Spanish lessons for children? Why Spanish have to be the language to learn when someone decides to learn a second language or in some cases third language?

  1. There are over 550 million Spanish speakers around the globe which implies that with English and Chinese being on top and since most of people already speak these two, Spanish becomes on preference when people want to learn a third language.
  2. According to some recent researches on language speaking, Spanish is ranked number 1 useful language to learn.
  3. Latin American countries, where Spanish speakers are in majority and in some cases the official language of countries, are some of the most important trading countries around the globe.
  4. British council recently published a report stating Spanish as the most important second language for British citizens.
  5. Other, one of the most important reasons for you to learn Spanish is entertainment field. In last few years there have been a lot of movies and television shows which are a tasty dish to watch but you will miss out the essence with all those subtitles or the dubs but not when you know Spanish.

         With all the reasons mentioned above, one can understand why learning Spanish can be a good boost to your work, your enjoy and make a good future for your children because Spanish is in fact most easy language to learn, it has very easy grammar, easy writing and best of all very easy speaking.