Nedra Jack October 27, 2017

Can girls take steroids? This has been a matter of hot debate since many ages. To put it simply, female users can take steroids. However, there are certain products which are suitable for their body system. Even then, they are not debarred from potential side effects. Let us delve deeper into the question.

Women and Steroids

To put it simply, female bodybuilders on anabolic steroids need to understand the caveats associated with the consumption of anabolic androgenic steroids. A number of female fitness enthusiasts take them to enjoy a sizzling ripping and super toned body. They can help female bodybuilders to enjoy prominent muscles, as well! You will also see a number of women, who intend to lose weight fast, tend to take steroids. It can lead to serious side effects otherwise. You would rather not try any of them for recreational purposes. A number of nations like the USA and Canada have completely banned its usage. You can order your products only after producing a prescription from a practicing doctor.

Choosing the Best Products

A number of health supplements have now become an integral part of cutting phases. Some of the women-friendly steroids include Winstrol and Anavar. Some of the most performance-enhancing drugs include Clenbuterol, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Nolvadex, Ephedrine, and Deca Durabolin. These varieties give relatively fewer side effects. However, no matter the product you want to take, it is more than essential to take them all in the recommended dosage. Virilisation or development of male characteristics in the female is one of the most dreaded side effects of drug abuse. Apart from helping your body to get fit from fat, most of these supplements end up being performance-enhancing drugs, as well.

A Practical Guide

You have to be realistic about your expectations regarding the results to receive your steroid supplements. Basically, most of the bodybuilding steroids that they use for bodybuilding, contains sufficient stores of the male hormone, testosterone. However, it is obvious that female users have lower deposits of testosterone in their system. Accordingly, women find it hard to bulk up in the way that their male peers develop muscle mass. Of course, female bodybuilders on anabolic steroid can also face the threat of infertility and severe menstrual problems. The steroids designed for women contain modified versions of synthetic testosterone. The modifications are necessary to slash down on the harsher effects of testosterone. Often, women prefer taking pills to injections. This is because injections tend to have stronger properties than that of pills.

On Getting Started

You might want to get it from a real user who has reaped great benefits by taking Anavar. The fitness freak recommends taking about 10 gm of the solution per day. It is optimal to break the dosage into 2-3 divisions and continue using it for about 12 weeks at a stretch. The expert reminds that women are extremely vulnerable to the possible side effects, so starting with a really small dosage is indeed a smart move. Plus, remember that different women react differently to steroidal supplements, irrespective of the dosage they take.