Nedra Jack October 27, 2018

A healthy intimate life may be called a sign of a good health condition on the whole. It is a proven fact that some underlying health issues (e.g. hypertension) may affect male ability to get and sustain an adequate erection. Fortunately, every man has a possibility to order generic Viagra online and forget about the problems in bed.

What is hypertension?

The blood pressure numbers that exceed 120/80 are considered elevated. In case they cross the figures of 130/90, it means the patient has hypertension. The main threat of this ailment is that it may go unnoticed for many years. However, the absence of obvious manifestations doesn’t mean that the internal organs do not get damaged.

Why is high blood pressure dangerous for men?

Hypertension may become the reason for sexual dysfunction in men. It happens because of excessive pressure on the blood vessel walls of the arteries and veins. Continuous load damages the inner lining of the blood vessels. Because of this, small particles of bad cholesterol and dead cells, which go with the blood flow, may easily accumulate on the walls of the arteries. Gradually, such deposits form atherosclerotic plaques.

Over time, they may narrow the lumen of the blood vessels making them less elastic and too hard. Worsening of the arteries’ condition leads to a poor flow of blood to the organs. In case such cholesterol deposits prevent a normal supply of the blood to the penile area, a man may develop erectile dysfunction.

Men’s health problems may also be the result of hypertension treatment. Some medicines that are aimed at lowering the blood pressure may also impose a number of adverse reactions connected with the potency. Here belong:

  • Beta-blockers. They diminish the flow of blood to the extremities, yet the same may happen with the pelvic organs. Too weak or absent erection is one of the possible side effects of these drugs.
  • Lowering the amount of liquid in the human organism is one of the effective ways of coping with hypertension. However, lack of liquid may affect the firmness of the erection. Hence, an adequate sexual intercourse may become impossible.

How to prevent these issues?

To diminish the probability of evolving hypertension and consequently troubles with erection, men should:

  • Keep control of their blood pressure numbers;
  • Do physical exercises at least half an hour a day;
  • Eat healthy foods;
  • Limit the amount of harmful fats in their diet.