Nedra Jack March 14, 2020

“The black widow, who had dispatched a lover or two, was sought out for her wisdom. The young spider asked her, “Did you keep his harmful secret under the threat of danger, or did you spin a web so confusing that he didn’t know if you were friend or foe?…The black widow was quiet and then said, “All of the above.” –  Donna Lynn Hope.

This imaginary conversation between the mythical Black Widow Spider adult female and a younger female provides an insight into the quintessential behavior of an adult Black Widow Spider.

And, the following facts are relevant: 

  • Female adult spiders’ venom is extremely toxic to humans.
  • Younger females are not as toxic as the adult.
  • Adult females are black with a red hourglass shape on their backs.
  • Male spiders are half the size of the females, and the females often eat them after mating has taken place. Hence, the name: The Black Widow Spider.
  • Adult female spiders guard their eggs, and are likely to attack a perceived threat, irrespective of whether it is human or animal.

Consequently, it is vital to contact a pest control company for preventative Detroit spider control measures before the Black Widow spider family moves into your yard or home.

Tips to help you manage a Black Widow Spider Bite

However, should you see an adult Black Widow Spider in your home or yard, it is vital to exercise extreme caution in order not to be bitten by the spider. However, should you be bitten, the following tips will help you best manage the situation:

Stay calm

The most important point that must be adhered to is to stay calm and not to panic.


Succinctly stated, panic drives your heart rate up; thus, causing the toxic venom to spread faster around your body through your bloodstream. Therefore, the slower your heart rate, the longer it will take for the venom to spread.

Elevate the bite wound

If you were bitten on one of your arms or legs, then elevate it above your heart. This will reduce the swelling and also slow down the poison’s spread throughout your body.

Seek emergency medical care

Because the Black Widow’s venom is so toxic to humans, it is vital to seek medical help as soon as possible after the bite has occurred. And, to help doctors identify what you were bitten by, take a sample of the spider in a small bottle. However, do not get bitten more than once in an attempt to catch a spider sample.

As highlighted above, the adult female Black Widow Spider’s marking are very distinctive. Therefore, if you did not kill the spider as it bit you, don’t worry about collecting a sample.

Final thoughts

In essence, the fundamental issue that is worth reiterating is that an adult female Black Widow Spider’s bite is extremely toxic. In the worst-case scenario, the poison will cause seizures and even death.

Therefore, it is not worth taking a chance with a bite, even if it is a minor puncture wound.