Nedra Jack December 13, 2017

If you share the penchant that many others do for home improvements, be it minor additions and alterations or significant renovation projects, you’ll no doubt have come across the term wet room. Essentially, it is a type of bathroom that has risen in popularity in recent years in which the entire area is sealed with layers or waterproof materials to prevent water from escaping. These kinds of designs generally have an inherently sloping floor surface that provides a means for excess water to flow towards the intended drain.

There are plenty of advantages that having a wet room offers. Here are just a few that should make anyone consider getting one for their own home.

It makes the area much more accessible

For those who may have problems with mobility or share the household with family members or relatives who may be disabled and have impaired movement, having a wet room can alleviate the struggles of using the bathroom. Although the design was not originally intended for this purpose, it nonetheless yields this advantage. Without having the need for certain fittings and fixtures, accessibility becomes significantly easier.

It improves the quality and increases the value of the property

Since wet rooms are essentially areas that require a lot of waterproofing and anti-leak materials, this addition improves not just the quality of the property but in effect its value as well. A more conventional and traditional bathroom setup can potentially allow excess water to leak into places that it wasn’t intended to flow into, and undesirable moisture and dampness can result from it. No such issues exist with a wet room as it is designed to ensure that all the water is channeled completely into a central drain.

It expands options for design

The minimalist approach that wet rooms have can allow homeowners to design the area in a variety of different ways using a multitude of materials. From wood to stone, you surely won’t run out of options in designing your bathroom no matter which theme you opt for. While there are certainly still some essential necessities to consider, you are a lot less restricted when it comes to this task.

It requires very little maintenance and cleaning

Last but certainly not the least is the maintenance that it requires. Apart from using common household cleaners to keep everything nice and fresh, very little is actually needed to ensure that it looks and functions the way it was originally intended to. It’s a long-term investment that will no doubt stand the test of time.

Not all homes have a wet room, and it’s hard to see why. With all the advantages that it yields, it’s a smart investment that any homeowner should be able to appreciate. If you want to give your home a boost in value or simply want to add comfort and convenience, this is the way to go.