Nedra Jack February 23, 2018

Ten years ago, SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) were still dark compounds, which researchers in laboratories tested for cells in test tubes and test animals. Some bodybuilders, they sometimes ordered in webshops. But now SARMs are in gray ‘supplements’. Young people increasingly use them to look good and muscular in the summer. And why not? SARMs work and are safe.

The Availability

In the Netherlands and Belgium, care providers, doctors and teachers have been telling young men more and more that they use science-fiction-like names such as S4, YK11 and RAD140. They usually buy them via the internet from American supplements companies. They use the supplements in addition to their strength training to grow muscles and lose fat. And no, they are not an anabolic steroids, but Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The secret is in the word ‘selective’: they do what they have to do and nothing more. All those side effects that steroids users can experience, such as liver damage, breast formation and the suppression of the natural production of testosterone, do not occur if you use them. Now if you are wondering where to buy sarms then it is for sure that you will find the online sites the best the task.

Special fabrics

And that is exactly what the makers of these supplements say. “They are special substances,” says a spokesperson for the American supplement maker Pureline Nutrition, a company that also sells them, in a clip on YouTube. “They stimulate muscle tissue, just like anabolic steroids. But because they do not do anything in other tissues, they have no side effects. Moreover, there are no medicines on the market that contain these substances. That means they can sit in supplements. “

SARMs are experimental means

SARM Pharmaceutical companies develop theses because they hope that they can make the bones and muscles of weakened elderly and cancer patients stronger. Several hundreds of SARMs have now been developed, of which a few dozen have been tested on rats and mice. But a handful of SARMs have been tested on humans. YK11 and RAD140 are not included, for example, but that has in any case not stopped a number of supplements makers from bringing these substances onto the market. If you use them, you act as a guinea pig. Actually, SARMs are not substances that belong in a supplement. In America, where most of them come from, the rules are different than here, but in Europe supplements with SARMs are forbidden. If the customs intercept your parcel, you have a problem.

SARMs have side effects

According to the few studies in which researchers have tested SARMs for side effects, they appear to show side effects that are very reminiscent of the side effects of anabolic steroids. In a study carried out by producer GTx, in which men took three milligrams of ostarine (also sometimes called MK-2866 or enobosarm) every day for three months. Deteriorated the cholesterol level a bit and the researchers found indications of a slight liver damage.

The SARMs sometimes do not work

The inventors of this element want these substances to come on the market as a medicine, and see with great sadness how makers of bodybuilding supplements with their inventions take off. The SARMs in those supplements are therefore not produced by the factories of their inventors. In reality they come from chemical plants in Asian countries. In some cases chemists work there who know exactly what they are doing and deliver good and pure substances, but in some cases the Asian pharmaceutical companies make a mess of it.


Perhaps in ten years’ time we can say that SARMs are indeed safe, but the little available knowledge that we have now does not point in that direction. On the contrary. It seems that the risks regarding this element and anabolic steroids are much closer to each other than some sellers would have us believe. So in case you are thinking where to buy sarms check the internet.