Nedra Jack November 21, 2018

Frameless glass makes for the perfect poolside fencing, and there are specialist firms who will help you to design the ideal pool fencing and install the system, leaving you with stunning fencing that allows total visibility. There have been considerable advances in glass technology, with the latest generation of lightweight toughened safety glass, that looks stunning and is easy to keep clean. Glass panels can be designed to match the terrace with the pool and with tailored solutions, you can have the gating in the most suitable locations.

Safety in Mind

A child or pet could easily get into the pool area and drown, yet with glazed pool fencing, you can always see what’s happening at the water’s edge. This is a big plus, and add to that the safety glass properties and you have a very appealing fencing solution, which isn’t as expensive as one might think. This tailored solution is provided by a firm of specialist who do nothing else but design and erect poolside fencing, along with a wide range of other accessories, and they can be found with a simple Google search. One such company, Dimension One, do glass fencing at affordable prices.

Seamless and Elegant

Using lightweight toughened glass, you have a seamless pool fencing that takes nothing away from the garden ambience you worked so hard to create. Frameless means zero corrosion and, like your windows, your pool fencing can be cleaned with some glass cleaner and a dry cloth. There are no off-the-shelf solutions with pool fencing, rather the project involves initial design, materials considerations and budget.

Adequate Protection

Many children and animals die each year due to unsupervised pool incidents and as we can’t be expected to watch all of the time, it is crucial to have secure fencing. The right gating makes for a secure and accessible solution to protecting the pool, and as the whole thing is transparent, you will know exactly what is happening at any given time. Once your frameless fencing is installed, you can breathe a sigh of relief and will never again worry about pool accidents.

Terrace Balustrades

Why not continue the pool fencing and protect the terrace? This will give your garden a balanced look, and for the little extra it costs, you are having a comprehensive garden fencing solution that will last for many years and will never need painting or treating in any way. There’s a lot you can do to improve your exterior living space, and bespoke glass is the perfect material, not interrupting the view and providing solid support.

From Design to Completion

If you find a good supplier, they will handle everything from initial design right through to the final inspection, and once the units are in place, your pool is now secure. Such a company can be found with an online search, and look for one that has a few customer testimonials – you could even ask to visit a few of their projects.

There is an ever-present risk with a swimming pool in the yard and seamless glass pool fencing is the perfect solution.