Nedra Jack June 12, 2018


If you’re a humble person working at a business, you may have difficulty reaching out for help in terms of online reviews. Perhaps you have to push yourself to ask consumers to write a positive piece of content on your TripAdvisor page or Yelp profile. Experts from reputation management companies have gathered some tips for business owners to learn how to adequately ask for what they want, the proper way.

It is a difficult world out there when competition amongst generic products is high. How, in a world where everyone and their mother has a pair of yoga-inspired dangling earrings, can you get yourself known on google. Many companies realize that resorting to a marketing agency is a great path for retrieving customer awareness. Sure, it’s great to ask customers once you’ve got the courage to do so. But it turns out, most customers go on with their lives and will forget to write a positive review about your company unless they are slightly nudged. Only the best reputation management companies have managed to use monitoring platforms, such as ReviewPush, to capture the most positive reviews and leverage more potential customers to your stores. The platform digitizes the process of asking for reviews by lead or current customers. This is done through their internal e-mail campaign system.

Another digital marketing tactic that reputation management companies suggest is using landing pages to your disposal. The goal is to minimize the amount of pages that customers have to log into in order to make a review. By having a landing page set up, customers don’t need to log their information in to write a positive review about their experience with your products or services.

People who land on your website like to know that your operations are still alive and kicking. This is why using embedded feedback forms that automatically update onto your website can bring more customers aware of your products. However, it is imperative to have an employee aware of what is being posted in real-time in case any negative reviews push away potentials. There’s great benefit in this strategy as your website will be continuously updating, which Google will reward you for by maintaining a high positioning on its search quora.

The last method administered by many online reputation management companies is automatic texts that request for reviews. If you have a way to receive your customers’ phone numbers, simply texting them with a link to the review platform will be efficient in the land of zombies who are glued to their phones 24/7. Catch your customers where they’re looking—it’s all mobile now!