Nedra Jack October 12, 2017

We spend a lot of our free time in our homes recuperating from the stresses of our day. Our homes are where we can relax and release some tension. However, sometimes our own homes can be the cause of stress. Making special areas within our own homes for stress relief is a great way of escaping from any tension or stress within our homes. This is especially important if there are any children involved. It can sometimes seem that there is no escape from our own children, but with a little bit of creativity this can be accomplished. In this article we will explore ways of making your backyard into your own little oasis within your home.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere requires the right colors. For your backyard you need to make sure that everything in plain sight has a calm or warm color. Many people choose to use pastel colors for their backyards. Choosing your color scheme is completely up to you, but make sure to stay away from bright reflective colors. These colors will not be suitable for a relaxing environment. Plus, make sure that the paint that you use is not glossy, as this can be reflective. Matte paints will work the best for this. If you have propane tanks, then consider either building a privacy fence around them or painting your tanks. Companies like LinGas can offer advice regarding painting your propane tanks, as there are regulations that must be followed to ensure safety standards are met.

Selecting the right plants and vegetation for your backyard can make a big difference. Make sure to have plenty of shaded spaces within your backyard. This will allow for more areas that you can setup chairs for lounging. You could also build your own shading. Many people use bamboo to create a semi-shaded area. You don’t want to block all sunlight in your shaded areas as this is a recipe for mildew and mold. Lastly, the plants should be fairly low maintenance, otherwise you might want to invest in a weekly landscaper. There are some people that enjoy landscaping and doing yardwork, but if you are not one of these people then stick with low maintenance plants.

Having a few outdoor speakers can also go a long way in setting the mood. Speakers combined with the right lighting can make your backyard into your own outdoor lounge. You should select warm lights and stay away from any white or florescent lights. Yellow and red lights work best for a night time setting. Setting up string LED lights can also be an option. String LED lights are both energy efficient and have a warm yellow glow. Imagine having some string LED lights over your outdoor lounge sofa while you listen to your favorite music on your outdoor speakers. The possibilities are limitless and you can be as creative as you like with your backyard.

Having stress-free zones within our homes is very important to our mental health. With some effort and creativity you can easily turn your backyard in your own personal oasis.