Nedra Jack September 8, 2018

The female form comes in all shapes and sizes, therefore when looking to buy knickers to make you feel sexy; you will find that there is a huge variety to choose from. Buying sexy knickers is different for everyone, as being sexy is not only about what you are wearing but also about what makes you feel the most confident. There are however a range of tips in which all women can follow when looking to buy knickers that will them both look and feel sexy, some of which we are going to be listing today.

If you want to find out how to buy sexy knickers that will make you feel and look amazing, this article is definitely for you.

Top Tips 

Get the right fit – When it comes to buying lingerie, especially knickers, one of the things that is the most important is that you purchase the right size. Incorrectly fitting knickers are not only uncomfortable but also unflattering and therefore should be avoided. This might sound like common sense to you, however, over half of women are currently wearing underwear and clothes that are not their correct size. Also, do not forget that sizes can often vary from store to store so check out each stores sizing policy.

Be true to your style – Knickers can be used to express your sensual side, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear knickers-styles that you don’t feel comfortable wearing. The sexiest knickers are the ones worn by confident ladies, therefore you should choose knickers that you like and not that you feel forced to wear. There are many types of knickers available for you to choose from including but not limited to classic briefs, high cut briefs, control briefs, hipsters, bikini, boy-shorts, tanga, thongs and G-strings. All of these knickers types are available in a whole rang of colours and materials, allowing all women to find options that they love easily.

Choose a good lingerie supplier – Finding a great lingerie supplier can be the key to buying knickers to make you feel sexy. Knickers made using cheap materials are often unflattering, and it often pays to spend that little bit more on luxury items. One amazing knickers supplier is My Knickers, and we urge anyone looking to buy new knickers to check them out today.