Nedra Jack January 16, 2018

If your teeth keep you from smiling, there are many cosmetic procedures that can be done to improve them. Whether they are crooked, need to be whitened, or look to be too small for your mouth, dentists can change their appearance. One procedure that they may do to improve the appearance of your teeth is capping them. Some great celebrity smiles may give you the push you need to get the smile you want.

What Are Capped Teeth?

Capping teeth to improve their appearance is a less-technical term for dental crowns. Crowns are also put on teeth that have been cracked or otherwise damaged to protect the original tooth. After a root canal, a crown is usually placed on the tooth to give it strength and allow the patient to chew with the tooth.

Process to Cap Teeth

Most crowns need to be about two millimetres thick to be strong enough to last. To allow them to fit securely, the tooth will need to be trimmed and some, if not all, the enamel may need to be removed. Once the tooth or teeth are ready, an impression will be made and sent to a lab to have the crown made.

While the crown is being made in the lab, a temporary cap will be fitted on the tooth to protect it. When the permanent cap, or crown, arrives, the temporary one will be removed so the crown can be fitted. Once a dentist practising cosmetic dentistry in Wokingham determines the fit of the crown is right, a dental cement is placed in the crown and then it is put back on the tooth to affix it permanently.

Types of Crowns

There are four types of crowns from which to choose, including:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Gold alloy
  • Base metal alloys

Ceramic Crowns

Since ceramic crowns can crack or break if bitten down on too hard, they usually are placed on the front teeth. Their appearance is the closest to real teeth, which is another reason why they are used on the front. A ceramic crown has a porcelain base.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

This crown is more durable than a regular ceramic crown since it has a metal structure. Since it is firm, it could be used for back teeth where most of the chewing is done. However, patients still need to be careful what they eat because the crown can wear down and crack if used to chew on ice, hard foods, or objects.

Gold Alloy Crowns

A gold alloy crown is a mixture of gold, copper, and other metals. It is very durable, so it doesn’t fracture or wear away. A gold alloy crown can be used for any tooth, but they are often used for back teeth that need crowns.

Base Metal Alloy Crowns

This type of crown is made from non-noble metals because they resist corrosion and the resulting crown is very strong. It requires the least amount of tooth to be removed before the crown is fitted.

If you want to improve how your teeth look, contact a cosmetic dentist to find out your options.