Nedra Jack July 31, 2018

In cases of severe acute intoxication, or overdose (OD), there is an antidote that immediately reverses the neurological effects of heroin and causes an extremely rapid recovery. Professionals use this intravenous drug, often associated with close medical supervision.

In the case of chronic intoxication or heroin addiction, the treatment is that of weaning. Indeed at the sudden stop of regular consumption, occurs a very intense physics syndrome and very painful and unpleasant. To overcome this, a panel of drugs is often used to combat the various symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Weaning can be done on an outpatient basis, which is often very difficult because of the intensity of the symptoms but especially the loneliness and anxiety that accentuate the feelings of lack.

In a second step, to maintain abstinence, it is important to be accompanied psychologically to fight against the desire to consume that remain present for a long time. This follow-up can be done by the general practitioner or by a specialist addictologist in specialized structures of Orange county detox treatment centers.

This is often the hardest fight.

In other cases, a transitional period may be important. This is a cessation of heroin use in favor of a substitution drug, derived from opiates, prescribed by a licensed physician and absorbed by oral seeing. The two main drugs are Methadone and Buprenorphine High Dosage. These drugs have the power to avoid the physical withdrawal syndrome without giving the psychotropic effects of heroin. The body is then always dependent on opiate substances.

Their interest is to stop the vicious and risky cycle, driven by the research of the product and its consumption as well as all the associated judicial, financial and medical problems. Substitution should be seen as a transitional period that can last for years before complete cessation of opiates.

Heroin detoxification treatment at home

Another option for detoxification is for the addict to go to a drug rehabilitation center or treatment center. This is the traditional 28-day program includes the superior detoxification of it. For many people, this is going to be a much more solid option than simply stopping rapid detoxification. The main reason for this is because of the support and learning experience that goes on while they are in rehabilitation. They still have the help from a physical standpoint while in detoxification at a drug rehab center, and medical personnel can help medicate their symptoms such as heroin withdrawal. In general, this is done under the care of a doctor and the withdrawal symptoms can be minimized, since the person detoxifies for a period of 3 to 5 days. Sometimes it takes a little time, but heroin the period of time is usually quite short.

Finally, a person looking for heroin detoxification could be drug therapy, such as taking long-term methadone or Suboxone in order to stay out of heroin. This could be a decent solution for some people, but most will do better with the other options.