Nedra Jack February 19, 2019

Chiselled! That is the perfect term that describes a diamond face shape perfectly. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you share the same face shape with celebrities such as Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson, and Tyra Banks! These beautiful women are known for their sharp jawbones which is the main feature which characterises diamond faces. See them here.

Many women with this type of face shape find it challenging to style their hair. For sure, it is a unique face shape. However, you can choose from these haircuts worn by celebrities, and you will look stunning.

  1. Side Swept Hair.

Smooth curly hair` swept to either side of your head appears beautiful on ladies with a diamond face. However, it is recommended to pin your hair on either one side close to the ear rather than pinning it down.

The curls are useful here since they enhance the volume of your locks and also softens your facial features.

  1. Slight Waves.

This style looks so beautiful on Camila Alves. What you should understand about this haircut is, however, strictly no middle parting if you have a diamond face, and here she has opted for the middle parting since she has some waves across her cheeks.

The waves boost volume to the texture of your hair. The aim is to yield an impression of a broader jawline so that you highlight the cheekbones.

  1. One Side Pinned Up.

This haircut is a classic alternative for ladies who are afraid of shaving one side of their curls. The style incorporates side-swept bangs that minimise the length of your forehead. Most of the length of this cut is kept under the jawline, which gives a broader appearance to your jawline.

  1. Feathered Bangs.

If you are a fan of Selma Blair, you have noticed that most of the time she sports bangs. So, if you like front fringes, you should also wear them. Keep the bangs at the middle feathered and avoid concealing your forehead completely. Bangs work pretty well with braid or a ponytail.

  1. The Lob.

The bob cut is ideal for women with perfect faces. Maintain the chin-length to soften the jawline. In addition, you can also take either side of your locks behind the ear. It is a useful trick. This gives you an asymmetrical style, which is pretty lovely on the diamond face.

  1. Deep Side Bangs.

Side bangs are suitable for people with diamond faces. They give a softer look to their faces and eliminates the pointy look.

The bangs fall on the part of your forehead only leaving a part that you want to expose. This trick minimises the length of your forehead, and most of the attention is drawn to the eyes. It is for sure, a new style that does magic to keep you looking pretty.