Nedra Jack December 15, 2017

Everyone in the gymnasium who is exercising thinks that he has complete information about bodybuilding. If you ask them how to increase body weight, they will give you an obvious answer to eat as much as you can to gain weight. On the contrary, this is not the right answer because unaccounted eating will also increase the fat percentage in your body. Anyway, if you ask the same person how to increase lean muscle mass in your body, then he will take a pause. This signifies that this is a little bit complicated question and its answer requires certain amount of relevant knowledge. Ask your physician about the supplements which for sale in the USA.

I remember a couple of months back one of my client asked me a question that whenever he is exercising with weights, he is feeling the increase of blood in his muscles. He can also feel that the size of his muscles has increased. He further asked me that if exercise is giving instant results, then why he is not experiencing the same results after consuming protein shakes. After consuming health supplements neither, he has any excitement nor, the size of his muscles is appearing any bigger. This means that the supplement is not appropriately selected or does it mean that body is not in need of protein at this time?

I cleared his doubts by giving several research-based information. I told him that protein is the building block of muscles and building muscles is an internal process. The results may not be instant, but they will show you after some time. Do you know what to eat to increase lean muscle percentage in your body?

Eat healthy calories

Your body is in constant need of energy so that it can perform exercises in the gymnasium. In order to grow big you need to consume extra calories. You need to eat healthy food items to grow.

Processed foods or junk food items are not considered healthy because they have high percentage of fat in them. Eat whole-grain food items. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Remember that you cannot go overboard in order to eat more calories. You need to have surplus calories, but eating too much of calories are not going to help you in gaining muscle mass. Your body will store all the excess energy in the form of fat.


When your body digests protein, amino acids are used for building muscles. This is the reason protein is the most important nutrient for increasing lean mass. Consume approximately 1 to 2 g of protein per pound of body weight to ensure the regular supply of protein to your body. There are supplements, which are not for for sale in the USA. Take the list of these supplements from government agency before you make a purchase deal.

Drinking water

Every fitness expert will advise you to consume plenty of water. Whether you want to gain muscle mass or willing to lose body fat, the consumption of water is unquestionable. Consumption of water also depends on the kind of physical activity you involve and the climatic conditions you live in.

Eat frequent meals

In order to increase muscle mass, you need to consume high amount of protein. You cannot eat this much of food into three meals that is why you are supposed to split it into five or six meals throughout the day. You do not have to eat more than your requirement, but you simply need to break it into parts.