Nedra Jack December 8, 2018

It may sound simple but designing toys for kids is not an easy task. There are a number of things to keep in mind from the regulations to the safety, the materials and creativity as well as the effect these toys will have on the kids. Toys shouldn’t only look fancy and colourful but should also be able to educate and inspire our children. To say it simply, toys should be designed from a kid’s perspective. Only then will it be able to offer inspiration, creativity, and learning experience to the kids.

There are some important things to keep in mind when you are designing toys for kids. With these simple tips, better toys for kids can be designed and made.


Keep it simple, stupid. Yes, that’s the first step to creating a toy for a kid. When it comes to kid’s toys, we are obsessed with buzzing, flashing, and beeping gadgets that may make us look like tech-savvy, but actually hinder learning when it comes to the children. The more features a toy has, the more disrupting it will be to learn anything from it. In a study in 2013, it was found that the storybooks that come with electronic features can distract kids from learning and affected dialogue between the kids and the parents during reading time. It also affected story comprehension. Parents spend more time in comments such as “click here”, “don’t touch that” etc. Thus, when designing a toy, avoid unnecessary complexity and focus on a set of core features. This is exactly what is followed by Janod toy design when they are designing toys for kids.

Weird is Good

Creativity and divergent thinking go hand in hand. When it comes to kids, they are very skilled at divergent thinking and thinking out of the box. They are free form social constraints and life experiences that tend to hinder creativity. Thus, we need to practice divergent thinking to design such toys for kids. Inspiration can be taken from any random source. When you are brainstorming ideas, just don’t let anything pass because you think it is going to be weird. The idea can evolve into something interesting that may actually help the kids in thinking out of the box.

Focus the Attention on Learning and Not on Teaching

This is one of the most important things to consider when you are designing a toy. A toy needs to be designed from a kid’s perspective. Thus, it should be focused on their learning. If you want to encourage creative thinking among your kids, the toys need to focus less on pedagogy. They should be more concerned with giving the kids a chance of inquiry and discovery. If you want to design toys that give the kids the freedom to learn, then design them in a way that they let kids direct their own learning experience rather than implementing your own way of teaching on them.

Toys should always be designed keeping the perspective of kids in mind.