Nedra Jack December 6, 2019

Even the smallest living area can be made to feel more spacious by using some tricks of perspective and colors that create a clean and open feeling. On the other hand, it’s possible to make a medium-sized space feel oppressive with the wrong choices.
Consider what lighting you have in the room–how much natural light there is. Is artificial light better coming from the center of the room or multiple sources. Choose the right size, design and amount of furniture. Balance decorations to avoid the starkness of bare walls or clutter. You’re left with color choice.
White is a popular–it works. It can also rob a room of any warmth, trading coziness for a sense of space. Light colors in general will make a room feel more open simply because they reflect more light. A clever use of contrast on your walls will add depth to some of them–sometimes a subtle feature wall and a couple of mirrors can have a surprising effect.
There’s probably one surface that makes the most difference, ties the whole room together, and can either make it look like you’ve been playing at adding a sense of space or have guests surprised at how small the room is when they finally realize. That’s the floor. Hardwood floors with their natural grain callback to being outside, but brown or beige is not a good choice for adding space. White wood floors? Great until they get dirty. Instead, a color choice that will brighten your room, add a sense of space, and complement every other part of your strategy is a grey wooden floor. There are lots of shades, types of wood and thus different grains available. Find grey wooden floors here and complete your project.