Nedra Jack November 7, 2019

A home demands a lot of maintenance and efforts to stay as the comfortable haven that you have built it to be. It involves regular cleaning and frequent renovations. In the lack of attention, pests and insects can quickly enter from the surroundings and start breeding in your house.

Rat encroachment is the most common concern of all homeowners, who then take desperate measures to oust these rodents out. Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid, when you are treating rat infestation:

Using poison baits

The simplest way to get rid of rats is by killing them with poison. But the rats will not consume the entire poison and die immediately. They might have some and run off to hide behind a wall or an almirah.

Once the poison affects them, they will die in hiding. This will lead to a strong stink in the house, which might be challenging to deal with.

Selecting wrong spots for traps

Most people invest a hefty sum in the traps but place them all in the wrong positions. It is essential to remember that the rats travel around the garage, in cluttered spaces, on the top of the basement, across the ceiling, between two furniture pieces and wall voids.

Therefore, the maximum of the traps should be set in these locations to get a hold of the rats at your place.

Not using the right food baits

Earlier, blocks of cheese used to be the best for attracting rats. Nowadays, seeds and nuts are also used to draw the animals out of their holes.

Dental floss, chocolates, and cotton balls are also used as the food baits. In case you have been putting the wrong food bait, you are allowing rodents to grow.

Leaving the entry point open

You can take every safety measure feasible to you, and still, the issue of rats will not be solved until you stop their incoming. Look for their entry point around the lawn, basement, and attic. A small field mouse can even squeeze through a hole of the size of a dime.

Therefore, be vigilant and close off their entry point as soon as possible. In case you fail to do so on your own, local rat removal services will be there for complete assistance.

Keeping only a few traps

Rats are capable of reproducing very fast. If you take a sweet time in putting in traps, you might have to deal with an entire family of rats, instead of one. Thus, you should keep many traps around the house to capture the rats.

Choosing Glue traps

There are different of rat traps available in the market. It is essential to choose the right trap, as you may be wasting your money shuffling through options. The worst of all traps is the glue trap, which needs to be scattered around the place of rat infestation.

Furry animals get stuck to the traps, but it is only a matter of a few minutes’ struggles that they break free from the glue.