Nedra Jack March 12, 2019

Photography has always played an important part in people’s lives be it amateurs or professionals. In every household, one will always find a cartload of photo albums, transporting one back to fond days and memories.

Photographs are not just fun but are also a lasting memory of days and years, gone by. They have the power to make you feel happy, nostalgic and sometimes even sad.

Evolution of photography

With the advancement of technology came cell phones, and its further advancement led to having cameras in every cell phone. Gone are the days when one would ensure the perfect angle before taking a picture as the film had limited capacity. At the click of a button, one can take hundreds of pictures in one go.

Selfie mania!

Instant photography led to the popular concept of taking your own photo called “Selfie”. Pouts, poses, angles, emotions, a selfie is much more than a photograph today! Whether at events or parties clicking of photographs is one thing you will find common across all guests.

Photo booths

One of the biggest crazes at any event, function or parties today is clicking a perfect photograph with the perfect backdrop. Taking this trend into consideration companies like The Photo Factory provide an innovative solution to this mania!

They set up photo booths at your event or function based on your specific requirement, and they have professional photographers clicking your pictures in the perfect background.

How do these photo booths work?

Depending on your budget, one can opt from one of the many packages offered by companies like The Photo Factory, whose website is . A few of the features that one can find are:

  • 3-4 hours of unlimited clicks
  • Fixed to unlimited printouts depending on the package chosen.
  • A booth butler
  • Standard to premium backdrops
  • Option of having premium and customized props
  • Live photo gallery at event
  • Sharing on social media
  • Unlimited downloads

What kinds of photographs are printed?

Depending on your budget, one can opt for fixed or unlimited printouts during the fixed hours. One can be rest assured that the prints delivered will have polished crystal clear images of high quality.

What kind of events do they cover?

Any and every occasion warrants fantastic photographs to make that day memorable forever. Keeping this in mind, companies like The Photo Factory do not restrict themselves to any particular event. They cover the following events to name a few:

  • School graduation parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate functions
  • Private parties

Corporate functions:

A corporate event is all about advertising the brand and spreading its awareness amongst people. Keeping this important aspect in mind, companies like The Photo Factory help organize photo booths at the events. From the booth being covered with the company logo, to logo placements on prints, they take care of the minutest of detail in maximizing the brand equity.

Photographs are imprinted memories for life. So it only makes sense to have a professional do it for you, especially on special events in your personal as well as professional life.