Nedra Jack February 25, 2018

Imagine after a hectic week, finally getting a day off to sleep and the devious miniature creature kills it. And the sneaky little creatures, in this case, are bed bugs. They have become a problem faced by everyone worldwide. They are so cryptic you almost fail to find them. Their bites not only kill your sleep but also are very painful. If you wake up to little painful rashes on your body with no clue about where they came, you have a significant bedbug infestation.

Considering their size, it is tough to locate them.

Finding them is crucial to be sure that these monsters invaded your home.

You can search for fecal stains; bed bugs leave them in parts they have infested. You may find them similar to smudged off drops of black ink. But in most cases, they don’t leave such signs and to be sure you have to check for live bed bugs.

Below are some assured methods of finding bed bugs.

Thorough search of your bed, couch, and other furniture

As the name suggests, bed bugs mostly infest beds. They do not only infest your beds, but they also reside wherever you rest or sleep for example couches. So to know of their inhabitant, you would have to conduct a thorough visual search of the places where you rest. Removal of your bed sheet and adequately examining of every corner of the mattress is essential. Take out the cushions from your couch and take off their covers. Conduct a checking of wooden parts of your bed and sofa in the end. If you find even a single bed bug, it means that things are dangerous and you need to call pest control. If not, it says that they could still be there so move on to the next step.

Install traps

Interception of devices and active monitors help to detect a bed bug infestation. Interception devices are not only economical but also you can place them near the leg of your furniture. Eventually, when the bugs move around, they will be trapped in these. Active monitors, on the other hand, use attractants such as CO2 to lure in bed bugs and catch them. Active monitors are very efficient, but they are also more expensive than interception devices.

Call pest control

When all the methods mentioned above, fail, and you still suspect a bed bug infestation, you can call in a pest control service. Your pest control service should with an excellent extermination punaise de lit plan so that their trained professionals can detect and eliminate the bed bugs from your home.