Nedra Jack July 25, 2018

Finding out that someone close to you is having a baby is exciting. You don’t have to be a parent yourself to realize that this is a special moment in their lives that should be celebrated. There are often several occasions in which this happens including baby showers and gender reveal parties. If you’ve been invited you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect gift for the parents to be. You may not have decided on what you’ll get just yet, but there are some criteria you want to keep in mind no matter what you pick.


Buying a baby product that’s cute and trendy is one thing, but if it’s not useful to the parents, it will likely end up getting returned or collecting dust. As you decide on what you’ll pick for the new baby’s arrival, make sure that it serves a purpose. Bottles, for example, are necessary for baby feedings (if the mother isn’t breastfeeding), clothes are always a need but undergarments are likely in higher demand than traditional outfits. If you’re not sure of what the family could use ask them or check the baby shower registry.

Consumer Opinion

Whether you choose to buy bottles, a bassinet, or bibs as a baby shower gift getting the opinion of those who purchased the products before you can be insightful. Let’s say you were going to purchase the bassinet for the parent’s room. You’d want to start by looking at the best baby bassinets reviewed to determine which is the better option. On review sites, you can read customer opinions and get a clear description of the product, its features, and the pros and cons.


It would be very emotional to find out that you bought something for the new baby that ended up causing more harm than good. As with many products, there are safety hazards and sometimes defects you need to be aware of. Do a search on the item you wish to purchase to make sure there aren’t any reports of product malfunctions or defects you should be aware of.

Age Appropriateness

Most baby and child products are designed with a particular age range in mind. These ages are listed to give you an idea of how old the child should be to use, play, or wear a particular item. As you’re shopping for baby clothes, for example, opting for 3-6 month sizes may be ideal as babies tend to grow out of 0-3 month clothes fairly quickly. If you’re thinking of buying a toy, look for stuffed animals without detachable items that are designed for infants as opposed to something for a toddler which a newborn could choke on.

Aesthetic Appeal

Once you’ve remembered all the above important factors of buying a baby shower gift, you can now have a bit more fun in your selection. Obviously, you’ll want to purchase something that is attractive to the parents and the baby. You can choose based on gender, nursery theme, or recommended preferences the parents may have listed on their registry. Be mindful of using gender as a factor, however, as sometimes little ones can surprise you.

A new bundle of joy is certainly something to celebrate. If you’ve been invited to a baby shower or gender reveal party, you’ll want to get the perfect gift. Whether you opt to buy a bassinet, a set of bottles, onesies, or a stuffed toy, there are a few factors to consider. Keeping these in mind will ensure that you select a product that both baby and the new parents will appreciate and adore.