Nedra Jack June 26, 2018

Spanx and other body shapers have gained popularity in this generation that wants to look perfect without putting in the work. While clutching parts of the body super tight, they give the impression of perfection by hiding unsightly bumps.

There is no harm in wearing a body shaper once in a while to attend a short event, but it certainly gets serious when they become a daily wardrobe necessity. They will harm the body slowly but surely and unfortunately you may never notice until it is too late.

Uncomfortable Numbness

Numbness cause anxiety in most people. The longer you wear your body shaper, the more it compresses the peripheral nerve in your thigh. Most people will feel this tightness while seated and some numbness that comes and goes will ensure. Sitting in shapewear is equivalent to wearing a tight rubber band around your thigh and so the lack of circulation that comes from this uncomfortable confinement could lead to blood clots.

Compressing the Organs

Shape wear has to be tight for it to work properly and unfortunately this tightness means compressing intestines and the colon. The result is an acid build-up that causes heartburn. Intestines are supposed to contract and expand appropriately but they can’t do that when they are compressed. While there is no lasting side effect to it, it could lead to abdominal discomfort.

You notice shallow breathing when wearing a corset the diaphragm cannot expand to its full capacity, and so the amount of air let in the lungs is limited. The other part of your body that suffers when you wear a body shaper is the bowel. You will feel pressured to relieve yourself even you shouldn’t, which could lead to incontinence.

It couldexpose you toInfection

The material that makes shape wear retains moisture, exposing that part of the skin to infection. Bacteria is trapped in hair follicles, causing pus-filled pimples that can be cleared using antibiotics. This risk is especially bigger in overweight people who sweat more that the average smaller person.

Continued use could ruin your Posture

When you strengthen your core through exercise, you invariably improve your posture. You will sit upright and walk with shoulders held high, but that changes when you compress those muscles with a corset. It weakens your core muscles since they are not being flexed and in the end does more harm than good.Unfortunately, you cannot seek the best personal injury lawyer to represent you in this case as the corset company will have made you aware of the dangers that come with your purchase, but of course in fine print.

Is it worth it?

If you ask me, the hassle of this super tight accessory is not worth it. It makes little sense to look good while suffering inside and for only a few hours. Working out and cleaning one’s diet is more favorable as it will yield lasting results for a fraction of the cost – and none of the pain.