Nedra Jack March 19, 2018

Are you a stylist who has a client who wants to try something completely different with her extensions?  Do you have hair extensions and want to try something different to change your look entirely? If you answered yes, then continue reading because with the right colour placement of high-quality hair extensions can be used to lighten or darken your hair quickly and easy, without having to put your natural hair through harsh bleaches and dyes which can cause damage.

To darken or lighten a clients hair with hair extensions, the method used is much more straightforward than you think. Although, to achieve a smooth effect you should remember a few first things to prevent the hair extensions from looking unnatural and out-of-place.

The initial colour match

If you want to lighten or darken your client’s hair with extensions, you should follow the same process that you normally would to achieve a colour match based on the client’s current hair colour. You would do this with your colour ring.

Additional colours

As soon as you have determined what your client’s natural hair colour is, you can begin to add some colours to increase dimension to the overall look.

Adding additional colours to brunettes

If your client is a natural brunette and wants to change to a darker or lighter colour, its pretty easy to achieve. The very first thing you would do is determine which colours compliment your client’s current shade without creating too much of a dramatic effect. Thus, you would choose colours that are between 3 to 4 shades lighter or darker to create a natural look.

In practice

Regardless of whether or not your client has brown hair or blonde hair, and is looking to lighten or darken their hair, the process is the same, although, picking the correct colours as mentioned above is the main key in achieving a natural looking finish.

No extremes

One full-proof way that hair extensions become too obvious is when an unnatural finish has been applied.

The technique

It is important to understand how to distribute the colour without it looking “streaky”. Lighter/darker EH Hair human hair extensions work best and must be distributed unevenly throughout the natural colour. The process should be, one solid layer of natural colour, followed by a row of alternate colours, then a row of lighter/darker shades, and then back up to a row of natural colour. If you were to do the opposite and place the colours one after the other in a dark, light, dark fashion, the result would be “streaky” and noticeably unnatural hair.

You should also place the lighter or darker colours mostly around the back of the head while leaving the sections above your ears with the natural colour only. This process is to make sure that from every angle of colour looks even.