Nedra Jack June 16, 2018

While some people have been using cosmetic injections for years, for others, the concept might be a little intimidating and lead to a lot of questions.

Will it be painful? How long will my results last? Will my results look natural?

Cosmetic Injection FAQs

What are cosmetic injections?

Cosmetic injections use neurotoxins to relax the muscles in the face and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why do people get cosmetic injections?

Most patients who turn to cosmetic injections are looking to achieve a more youthful appearance. When topical creams and serums are simply not helping, cosmetic injections can help you lift and contour your face in order to look healthier and younger.

What can I expect during my appointment?

When it comes to cosmetic injectables at London Cosmetic Clinic, less is definitely more.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the most natural looking results possible and we will often help our patients developed a personalised skin regime that will support the injections. Just because you are using injectables does not mean that you don’t need to take care of your skin, in fact, the better your skin regime, the better your overall results. During your appointment, your doctor will analyse all areas of your face in order to make a professional recommendation. The point of cosmetic injections is not to only get rid of wrinkles, instead, we also focus on contouring and enhancing the face by adding more definition.

Why don’t people talk about cosmetic injections more?

The reason why cosmetic injections are still a very hushed topic is because people see them as a treatment that’s going to make your face look frozen and fake. It’s important to note that if your injections are administered by experienced professionals, your face will not look fake or frozen. The same applies to dermal fillers, if they’re placed or dosed incorrectly, you will immediately be able to see it. As with any cosmetic procedure, there will always be a certain amount of risk but choosing the right cosmetic clinic will greatly reduce these risks. If you’re considering cosmetic injectables, use them to enhance your skin, not to look 10 years younger.

Who should be getting cosmetic injections?

Millennials are the reason why cosmetic injections have become increasingly popular at clinics across the country. When you choose a reputable cosmetic clinic, your doctor will give you their objective opinion before they go ahead with the injections because they need to be administered for the right reason, especially when the patient is still young. The average cosmetic injection patient used to be around 35 years of age but today, this has dropped to an average of 30. If this is the case, your doctor will generally focus on treating frown lines first in order to enhance the face and achieve the most natural look possible.

If you still have any questions or concerns about cosmetic injections, speak to your doctor before you go ahead.