Nedra Jack May 17, 2018

Older adults are commonly prescribed with a variety of medications to improve their quality of life. These medications help them manage different chronic conditions. But combining various prescription medications with over the counter drugs and taking supplements, medication safety is paramount to guarantee that seniors will not experience negative side effects. Different drugs can interact with each other, potentially damaging various body organs and systems. This makes responsible medication management necessary. However, a lot of seniors cannot manage their own medication. Fortunately, a caregiver can do this task for them. To ensure the medications of your senior loved one is well manage below:

Check the Medication List and Review It with the Doctor Regularly

As you accompany your loved one to the doctor, bring along their medication list. This helps you ensure the doctor know the medications your loved one is taking and reviews them with you. Take note of any new or more instructions regarding the prescriptions. For any new medications, understand the reason they are prescribed. Also, you will want to take note of the medications that your loved can take before or after a meal.

Order the Medications from the Same Pharmacy

Using the same pharmacy for your loved ones medication helps the pharmacist monitor the medications and eliminate potential side effects. Also, they can pay attention to the adverse reaction you may have to new medications.

Get the Medications Refilled Before the Last Dose

Always keep in mind that even a single dose that your loved one will miss can already have an adverse effect in their treatment program. Thus, ensure the prescription refilled at least one week in advance so your loved one will always have a pill to take in a timely manner.

Encourage Your Loved One to Use Medication Reminders

A special alarm clock or a smart phone app can be used by your loved one to set reminders to take their medications. This helps them avoid skipping dosages. This is usually the reason your loved one may ask you to find a provider of senior assisted living care near me. This way, somebody is there to give them the reminders.

Store the Medications in the Right Place

Make sure your loved one’s medication out of reach of children and pets. Take time to read the labels carefully to know the ideal place to store the medications in. For example, avoid storing medications in the bathroom since this place can be warm and damp which can cause a faster breakdown of medications. Also, remember that a number of medications may to be stored in the fridge