Nedra Jack February 28, 2018

When it comes to extracurriculars, your kids like to keep busy. Between karate, soccer, and art lessons, they’re probably on their way to a full schedule. (And so are you, after you’ve driven them to every activity)! But don’t cut out the possibility of adding one more hobby to their weekly calendar. Music lessons come with a surprising number of benefits. They may never grow up to be as successful as 10-time Grammy winner Bruno Mars, but musical training can help your kids perform better in school. Higher grades aren’t the only outcome of learning how to play music. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t delay enrolling your children in music lessons today.

  1. Music lessons improve their academic skills

People often confuse playing music as a creative, artsy hobby, but it’s more complicated than that. Being able to translate notes into sounds relies on strong reading skills. Keeping the proper timing of a song requires math skills. And remembering key signatures relies on a strong memory.

The latest research suggests children who take music lessons perform better in school than their peers who don’t have any musical training. That’s because they’re learning to read and play an instrument at the same time they’re developing language and math skills in school.

Studies show playing music stimulates the same pockets of the brain responsible for language comprehension and problem solving skills. When they strengthen these areas at home by playing music, they’re improving their ability to process information, understand language, and solve complicated problems at school.

  1. It encourages divergent thinking

Otherwise known as creative thinking, divergent thinking is your kid’s ability to think outside the box when it comes to solving problems in their life. Playing music is a study in multi-tasking. They need to read notes, remember timing and key signatures, and convey different emotions depending on the song. A recent study suggests the challenge of keeping all of these tasks straight strengthens problem solving skills and increases their chance at finding creative solutions to obstacles in their life.

  1. Music is a great stress reliever

Your kid feels the same stress, irritation, or anger about things as you do. But unlike you, they haven’t had a lifetime to develop healthy coping mechanisms that help them process these emotions. Playing music can be a cathartic outlet for a child who struggles to express themselves. In addition to giving your kid a healthy way to vent, music is clinically proven to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.

Some things to consider before enrolling them in classes

Getting your child ready for their first lesson can be expensive. Your biggest cost will be their instrument, but don’t forget you’ll need to make other purcahses. They might need accessories like a music stand, a reed, or cleaning solutions for their mouthpiece. They’ll also need learning materials like exercise booklets or song sheets.

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Your bills won’t be as large once you get over the initial hurdle of their very first week with their instrument. After they’re equipped with an instrument, music is an inexpensive hobby. The cost of their music lessons and the occasional sheet music is nothing compared to the skills they’ll learn from their training. Add music lessons to their busy schedule and support your kids becoming a better version of themselves.