Nedra Jack July 28, 2018

Every year, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery compiles a report that outlines the most popular surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

This year’s results are showing that more men are seeking out cosmetic procedures than ever before.

More and more men want to look younger and more attractive, with cosmetic procedures becoming more widely accepted by the male market.

Here is a look at the top cosmetic surgery trends amongst men in 2018.

Top non-surgical procedures for men

Non-surgical procedures are a rising trend because they’re non-invasive, which means that less downtime is required and chances of scarring are greatly reduced. These are the top 3 non-surgical procedures for men.

  1. Botox®

Once injected, Botox® softens the muscles that are responsible for wrinkles and lines in the forehead and around the eyes. Botox can take a few days to start working but results can last for up to 4 months. Most patients will start seeing results around 2 weeks after their treatment session.

Botox® is just as popular among women and is a cosmetic surgery trend that will no doubt continue well beyond 2018.

  1. Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers include a number of different substances but most doctors use hyaluronic acid since it’s a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

Fillers can be used to treat a number of different issues, including under-eye hollows, deep facial wrinkles and sunken cheeks. In recent years, fillers have also become widely used by men looking to increase the size and girth of their penis. Facilities such as Academy Laser Clinics in Sydney specialise in this type of procedure.

  1. IPL treatments

Skin treatments have become a staple amongst men who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin, which would explain why IPL treatments are now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures amongst male clientele.

IPL, or intense pulsed light, goes deep into the skin to remove pigment spots and red patches as a result of sun damage.

Top surgical procedures for men

Even though rigorous exercise routines and healthy diets are one way that men prefer to maintain a great physique, it isn’t always enough. These are the top 3 surgical procedures for men.

  1. Liposuction

Since it was first introduced in 1974, liposuction has become one of the most popular surgical procedures amongst both men and women.

Liposuction is a versatile surgical procedure that can be performed on nearly any area of the body, helping men to remove excess fat that simply isn’t budging. The recovery period will depend on which areas have been treated but patients can expect around 1 – 2 weeks of downtime.

  1. Breast reduction

Male breast reduction is another popular procedure, with countless men looking to get rid of excess breast tissue, which is often the result of too little testosterone. “Man boobs” are a common issue amongst men, particularly as they age and the body produces less testosterone.

  1. Eyelid surgery

The eyes are the first thing you see when you look at someone and it’s one part of the body where ageing is highly noticeable. Many men seek out eyelid surgery in order to look younger by rejuvenating the eyes.

Men with hooded lids or large under-eye bags will also seek out this surgery quite often as it provides the best results.

If these trends are anything to go by, the days where men were embarrassed about seeking out cosmetic procedures are definitely gone.